Health Care Crisis

Health Insurance Benefits

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Health CareThere is a health care crisis in our system today. Over 47 million people nationwide do not have health care insurance. But then for those who do have insurance, is that the answer? Probably not. There are many, many cases where people who have insurance have been shocked to find out that a procedure they thought was covered by their insurance is not. Then, there are those who find out they have a critical illness and are canceled by their insurance company. This costs the “beneficiary” thousands of dollars they believed they would never have to pay.

Health Care Costs

Health CareOftentimes health care is paid for completely or in part by an employer. So, the insurance benefits are tied to the job. What happens when the employee leaves? There are some who stay at jobs where they are miserable because they believe they need the insurance. For those who are self-employed, health care insurance is one of their major costs – if they have it at all. This crisis is causing harm for many because when the cost is too exorbitant  they go without.


 20/20 and the Health Care Crisis

On a recent episode of 20/20 the crisis was addressed. The interviewer spoke with a doctor who said he does not accept any insurance claims. He has even gone so far as to make up his own brochure that lists the costs of several routine procedures. A patient who had no insurance said she had shopped around until she found a provider who was not only what she considered a good doctor, but who had fair prices.

Though the crisis we are experiencing is evident, doctors like those mentioned in the 20/20 interview are few and far between. A way to gain access to many health and dental providers that also will provide care for the patient without the use of health insurance is through an AmeriPlan(T) membership. This is consumer driven health care that addresses the health care where no insurance company can dictate to the patient. The patient has control over how and when they are to receive care without concern of being canceled due to a serious illness.Health Care Crisis

Health Care and Socialized Medicine

Some in our nation believe health care reform run by the by the government is the answer. In the 20/20 episode, socialized medicine was looked at in Canada. Though there is no cost to the patient, there are long waits for doctor visits – oftentimes months, and difficulties finding a bed in a hospital when there is a need for emergency care. The episode showed a many on a gurney in a hospital hallway who had just suffered a heart attack. There were no rooms available and no other hospital nearby to send him to. A Canadian citizen who needed heart surgery, couldn’t get care soon enough through her own system. She said she traveled to the United States to gain the care she needed. Though she had to pay for it, she said it was worth it because it saved her life. She indicated had she waited to be seen in her own country, she believed she would not have been alive to do the interview.

Humans Wait and Animals are Treated

Health Care CrisisThough humans have to wait, a veterinary doctor in Canada said animals often get in the same or next day for care. She indicated some of the pet owners told her they would like to come to her when they had need for health care. Though animals are like family members to those who love them, it seems strange they receive faster and sometimes better care than their human owners.

Health Care and Outsourcing

Some Americans are outsourcing their medical needs by traveling to other countries such as India and Thailand. They are saying the cost for care including the travel is much less expensive than what they would pay in the United States for the same procedure. Risks come with this outsourcing. Granted negligent care or medical errors can happen anywhere, it can be very difficult to have any recourse in a foreign country.

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We are a nation that continues to fight to remain free, yet many of our citizens do not believe they have the freedom to access the quality health care they deserve. Consumer driven health care is an answer to the crisis.

Health Insurance Alternative

Medical Benefits

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Insurance AlternativeThere is definitely a need for a health insurance alternative in our country today.  Conventional health and dental insurance costs have skyrocketed to a point where the majority, (70%), of households cannot afford basic health care. This is sad in a nation that has so many freedoms, yet, the freedom of access to good health care is not within reach of many Americans.  So, many simply go without care.

Reason for an Alternative

Even military veterans who served our country so well and are now “retired” could benefit from an insurance alternative because they have to pay for health care. Though their initial contract with their respective branch of service may have stated that health care for them and their families was to be a lifelong, no cost benefit, those benefits have eroded into the social ball of red tape and changing political priorities.

Insurance Alternative

Though the annual cost for medical insurance may be relatively low for the military retiree, it still doesn’t cover some high cost items such as dental, vision, and chiropractic care. If the retiree doesn’t live close to a military health care facility, the costs of traveling to one pile up even more. For those who do not or cannot go on to further employment and are on a fixed income, these expenses can add up to crippling amounts.

Other Reasons for an Alternative

Some other reasons for an insurance alternative are seen in the civilian sector. The cost for family alternative health insurance, like COBRA, or even a Christian plan, is often so cost prohibitive that these families do without health care altogether. Individual health and even group health insurance plans are in this category. A small business group health insurance plan is not only expensive for the business owner, but oftentimes requires the employee to pay a part of the cost. An insurance alternative would be helpful for entry level or service industry employees where the required premiums are high enough that many gamble on not needing health care rather than having utility shut offs or credit degradation.

An insurance alternative could be the answer for the single mother raising one or more children on her own with a limited income, not being able to foot the bill for adequate home health care. A single mother told the story of suffering for a week with a bad toothache because she had no insurance and couldn’t get into one of the sliding fee scale facilities. After finally getting a visit to a dentist that would work with her limited income, she found the service to be substandard.


Outrage Appeased

Insurance Alternative

Without an alternative, one of the greatest outrages that passes notice of most Americans are those individuals who have their institutional health care canceled without warning or recourse, (often after an expensive procedure), leaving them to foot the bill on their own. This practice is on the rise by greedy insurance providers who site discrepancies or violations of the small print. If someone has been challenged with any number of catastrophic health issues, (from cancer to migraine headaches that require medications), they can have their insurance policy canceled. Those with a medical history may not even be allowed to buy a health care policy in the first place. Where does that leave them? It often puts them in the ever growing queue at bankruptcy court.

The most sensible, cost effective answer may be in public access to quality health care providers at a discounted rate. This is an answer that can benefit many who otherwise have no access to health care or to holistic health care, and would simply go without. One 15 year old company in particular, AmeriPlan, USA offers such  an insurance alternative with affordable access.

This is an alternative plan that fills in the gap that the insurance industry has created by pricing quality coverage out of the reach of most Americans. AmeriPlan offers us access to many of the best health care providers at a price that most of us can handle. As part of what is called Consumer Driven Health care, AmeriPlan is the way an alternative for heath care will be delivered in the future. But the future is now. The time has come where we must take control of our bodies and the way they are maintained.

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Many of us know others in the same situations as mentioned above. When we see a good movie, what do we do? We tell our  friends & family and anyone else we know!! The same concept applies with AmeriPlan USA. – We need to shout from the rooftops that a health insurance alternative exists and maybe a little about what it does. It is not insurance. It is transfusion alternative that we can afford to go to the doctor when we need to without worrying about what we have to skip a payment on.