Dental Amalgam Fillings

Health Benefits

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 Most Dental Amalgam Fillings are an alloy of mercury with another metal (usually silver) used by dentists to fill cavities in teeth. Most metals are soluble in mercury, but some (such as iron and platinum) are not. Amalgams are usually used in dental fillings.

For centuries dentists have been using amalgam fillings in oral health care. Amalgam is the end product of mixing approximately equal parts of elemental liquid mercury and an alloy powder of silver, tin, copper, and at times smaller amounts of zinc, palladium, or indium.

Dental Amalgam Fillings

Inexpensive Amalgam Fillings

Mercury amalgams are used in dentistry since they are inexpensive, easy to use, long-lasting, and usually regarded as safe.

From the time when dentists first initiated using amalgam fillings in patients’ teeth there has been a concern as to whether the dosage of mercury present in the Dental amalgams causes a significant health hazard or is it safe to use the Dental Amalgams to fill decayed teeth?

Amalgam Fillings Controversy

There are two schools of thought associated with the controversy surrounding the usage of mercury in amalgam fillings.

Some believe that Mercury in amalgam fillings is not toxic; its release is very small. Moreover when mercury combines with the other materials in dental amalgam, its chemical nature changes thus, making it harmless. Scientific studies also suggest that amalgam is not harmful and there is no health hazard associated with usage of Mercury in Dental Amalgams. Although a small number of patients may face some mild, temporary allergic reactions but still dental amalgams are safe and cost effective.

On the other hand there is another belief which regards Mercury as a key source of toxic presence in the Dental Amalgams. In their opinion mercury present in Dental Amalgam can injure the brain, kidneys, and immune system of children. Although some patients did report sleep disorders, concentration troubles, memory turbulence, agitation, bleeding gums and other mouth disorders.

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Dental amalgam stood the test of time, and thus, is a popular choice among the dentists for filling up the decayed tooth. Amalgam is a very strong material and has been used safely for decades. Millions of successful dental amalgams are done annually. Dentists welcome the use of dental amalgam because it is comparatively easier to work with than its other substitute. Not only dentists, but even patients choose dental amalgam to other alternatives because it is safe, strong, economical, and can be placed in the tooth cavity quickly with ease.

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