Why Cherries are Healthy

Nutrition benefits


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 The  Health Benefits of Cherries are found in fresh, frozen, canned or juice forms of cherries. The majority of studies done on cherries have centered on the cherries that are tart . There are two types of cherries — sweet cherries, which are most commonly seen at the grocery store, and tart cherries, also known as sour cherries.

Studies on Cherries

Sour cherries have rich sources of anthocyanins where sweet cherries have lower amounts. Both types of cherries contain pigments called anthocyanins, antioxidants that give cherries their dark red color. As far as antioxidant levels go, tart cherries are among the top fruits.

According to a recent study done in America on cherries, because of the powerful anti-inflammatory properties found in Anthocyanins, eating 20 tart cherries (or drinking the equivalent in juice concentrate) a day could provide the same pain relief that aspirin or ibuprofen do. Tart cherries have more vitamin C and beta carotene with fewer calories, so they are recommended most often for the health benefits though both provide nutritional benefit.

Cherries Health Benefits

Cherries contain beta carotene, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, fiber, and potassium, along with a very high concentration of antioxidants. As cherries are a rich source of protein, sugar, ascorbic acid, minerals, and antioxidants, cherries are an important inclusion in the daily diet. The cherries health benefits are evident in the juice, and dried tart cherries are even higher in antioxidants than blueberries and more powerful than Vitamin E.

Cherries are not only good for you, but are also on trend as a homegrown “Super Fruit.” According to recent data, more than 9 out of 10 Americans want to know where their food comes from, nearly 80 percent say they’re purchasing “locally produced” products, and the majority is defining “local” as grown in America.

Nutritional Benefits of Cherries

Important is the nutritional value of cherries because they are low in calories. Like most fruit, cherries are also Cherrieshigh in potassium and low in sodium, which helps control water retention by improving water balance. A diet lower in sodium often results in the loss of excess water weight. Phytochemicals, especially phenolic (natural compounds found in colorful plants), in fruits and vegetables are suggested to be the major bioactive compounds for cherries health benefits, including cherry tomatoes.

Studies have shown increasing water consumption will boost energy levels and help increase the metabolism. Eating fruits and vegetables has been linked with reduced risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. In one study, women who ate two servings of Bing cherries daily experienced decreased markers of inflammation and reduced serum urate levels.

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Medicinal studies have found that there are high levels of melatonin, which is important in regulating biorhythms. This reduces stress and helps promote healthy sleep. The antioxidant effect can kill free oxygen radicals which help the prevention of brain deterioration due to aging and the vigor of the body’s immune responses. Other antioxidants in sour cherry juice support heart and artery health and also contribute to good health.  The benefits of cherries are supported by their great taste!

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