Health Benefits of Coconut

Health Benefits


Palm oil is loaded with nutrients containing many potent antioxidants including beta-carotene, vitamin A, a strong form of vitamin E, tocotreinols.

Research on Coconut

In research on coconut, studies have found that some saturated fat is in fact necessary for human health and modern research shows that the medium chain fatty acids help to increase metabolism and are more easily digested than fats found in other oils.

Coconut Health Benefits

Studies that included the coconut health benefits have gone on to show that using coconut oil in place of many other cooking oils can result in a better HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio. The reason this happens is because coconut oil is processed directly in the liver and immediately converted into energy. Some hospital personnel realize the benefits of coconut and use Coconut oil to feed premature babies and injured people.

Virgin coconut oil is also used for making natural soaps and other health products, as it is one of the healthiest things one can put on their skin. The oil can be applied externally to provide soothing relief on inflamed areas. Many people don’t like the taste of olive oil so they use Coconut oil instead.


Another health benefit of coconut is the fact that virgin coconut oil helps getting your weight under control faster. Recent research has shown that the quantity of unsaturated oil in the diet strongly affects the rate at which wrinkled skin develops. Using Virgin Coconut Oil is effective at slowing down the progression of skin aging.

Indepth studies going on in the Philippines have even begun to prove the efficacy of lauric acid against HIV/AIDS because of its powerful antiviral properties. Furthermore, research shows that the benefits of coconut oil do indeed reduce the viral load in AIDS patients.

Lauric acid is essentially non-toxic, which gives it a distinct benefit over contemporary pharmaceutical drugs that are typically used to fight viruses, bacterial infections and fungal infections.

Other Health Benefits

The coconut health benefits are seen in soaps. Coconut is the best lather producing agent ever used in soap. And for most folks in the cosmetics and soap industry, it is the first choice because it is so good for the skin.

The benefits of coconut are realized in the coconut vinegar used extensively in Southeast Asian cuisine as well as in some cuisines of India and is made from fermented coconut water. It is a cloudy white liquid with a particularly sharp, acidic taste, and a slightly yeasty smell.

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Benefits of Coconut Milk

The benefits of coconut milk are typically considered to be very nutritive and in recent research it has been found to have a balancing effect on the elevation of lipids in the bloodstream, as well and antimicrobial properties in the gastro-intestinal tract and topically.

The health benefits were also evident when the warm water extract of coconut milk and coconut water dispersion were studied for their protective effects on drug-induced gastric ulceration and was used for healing mouth ulcers. The benefits of coconut cannot be denied!

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