Health Benefits Network

Health Insurance Benefits

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The health benefits network can certainly be helpful in today’s changing healthcare world. With the political and socio/economic climate in flux, continued and focused effort needs to be put towards keeping your medical practice competitive and connected.

A Good Tool

The health challenges that American families are faced with daily also demand that the care and services they need will be available to them when and where they are required.  We realize that a good benefits network is a tool that our patients will also draw benefits  from by extending and protecting the quality of medical care throughout the 50 states.

Health Benefits Network

In a society that is well used to the concept of mass marketing, buying in bulk, and consumer choice, a network offers the best aspects of these.

As the provider of personal contact health care, you and your staff are the piece that is required to connect with the patient and help them realize that regardless of the issue, they are not alone.  The hands-on benefits that you provide your patients will be re-enforced by the background support that a good health benefits network will provide for you and your medical practice.

Make-up of a Network

A network might consist of thousands of general and specialty physicians, hundreds of labs and technical support services, and dozens of hospitals, all working with many well established insurance companies.  Within this system a network can better provide its members the power of a huge customer base, high impact advertising, and the advantage of negotiated contracts on your behalf.

Being able to take advantage of thousands of PPO s, discount medical cards, union medical plans, insurance carriers and other payers will greatly advance your efforts to maintain a successful practice.

A dedicated staff works diligently to locate and sign up new contracted patients, company benefits programs, and union contracts. The scope of this effort would be problematic at best for in house staff to manage.

As a member of a health benefits network you will make it easier for patients to find you when using the nationwide directory of doctors, services, and facilities.  These search tools focus on local areas and utilize map and direction programs.  Even smart phone apps are being integrated for instant notification and advertising.

In today’s competitive world, it just makes sense to be part of the growing health benefit network!

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