Health Advantages of Acai

Health Benefits

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 Are you wondering about the Acai health benefits which have been all around the media recently? Acai (ah-sigh-ee) is the


high-energy berry of a special Amazon palm tree. The acai berry was discovered thousands of years ago and happens to be part of the staple diet of Brazil. Acai includes a significant amount of protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin E.

Studies About Acai

Brazilian studies about  have shown that this little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods on the planet! Other studies have shown that it is made up of significantly higher levels of antioxidants when compared to cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, or blueberry. As such it features a higher capacity to help fight off harmful toxins in your body that causes various types of diseases such as cancer.  Studies are being conducted with the Brazilians who have have apparently known the health benefits and have been eating the acai berry for centuries.


Acai with Antioxidants

Acai also includes high concentrations of Antioxidants.


Other fruits, such as blueberries and cranberries, also have antioxidants. These two as well as acai help fight free radicals in your body. Free radicals are usually the main ingredients which cause cancer and related ailments. So that you can counter free radicals, you would be wise to include acai in your diet.

Toxins are in a few of the foods that we eat and the biggest protection against them is with foods and supplementation that have large amounts of antioxidants to hold or inhibit the oxidation process.

Since acai is high in antioxidants, using it for topical oil is very healthy for skin. Antioxidants are considered by numerous specialists to be valuable to assist in fighting untimely aging and put off additional ailments.

Pure Acai juice helps fight super-oxide toxins, which are known to cause the decrease in the function and mobility of the joints. In addition to the anthocyanins and vital fatty acids, acai contains huge percentages of plant sterols, which are plant substances that can prevent cholesterol from being absorbed into your bloodstream

Fruits and berries are extremely healthy and an important part of good nutrition. Everyone knows that berries are among the healthiest foods onAcai the planet. Other acai health benefit research has also shown that Acai juice and extracts help fight heart disease.

Acai research has shown that not only the acai berry has the potential of being a cure for cancer; it is among the healthiest foods on the planet. It strengthens the immune system, and reduces cellular damage, like aging, and has cancer fighting properties.

The acai palm tree is called “The Tree of Life,” by Brazilians. It is usually made into pill or juice form and is the most beneficial super fruit discovered on earth.

Acai and Sexual Energy

Acai Berries are laden with antioxidants and Brazilians often consider the Acai berry to be the Viagra of the Amazon, referring to its ability to help support and sustain sexual energy. Athletes consider acai as an important staple in their diets.

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