Green Tea Benefits

Health Benifits

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The Chinese have been intimately aware of the health benefits of green tea for over 4,000 years.  Only recently have

Green Tea

the west and Asia conducted research that has given us hard evidence that drinking green tea in fact does carry significant health benefits.

 Green Tea Studies

Some of the published studies about green tea have shown, for example, that green tea usage lowers cholesterol levels and improves the ratio of (HDL), good cholesterol to (LDL), and bad cholesterol.  This lowering of LDL cholesterol also prevents the formation of thrombosis causing blood clots, the main cause of stroke and heart attacks.

Epidemiological studies have proven that green tea reduces the risk of esophageal cancer by sixty percent in Chinese men and women.  There is a compound in the green tea that blocks the growth of the cancer cells.  The power of EGCG is even more remarkable as a cancer cell killer and cancer cell inhibitor while not harming any other cells, (something that our man-made chemicals have not been able to duplicate).

So far there is no specific information about green tea and how drinking it affects rheumatoid arthritis, but studies of a compound from the tea have shown that this compound, (EGCG), blocks the chemical reaction that causes inflammation and the resulting joint damage.

Green Tea Advantage


Green Tea

Green Tea and “French Paradox”

The green tea health benefits also stretch to a concept known as the “French Paradox.”  Researchers have for many years been stumped by the lower incidence of heart disease in France despite the cultural tendency toward heavy fat content of food and the national averages of smokers.  Apparently the answer was the broad use of red wine which contains a polyphenol called resveratrol which lowers the harmful effects of fatty diets and smoking.   The EGCG contained in green tea however is 200% more powerful than resveratrol.  These health benefits would explain the low incidence of heart trouble with Japanese men of whom 75% are smokers.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

People concerned with weight control  might take a look at a study posted in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Nov. issue in 1999 that

Green Tea Nutrition

showed men given a caffeine and green tea extract combination were able to burn more calories than men who were only given caffeine.  The report will elaborate on the other variables of the study but the health benefits of green in regard to chemicals in the tea contain properties that we are still gathering information about.

Green tea contains a powerful combination of caffeine, antioxidants, and polyphenols that serve to stimulate the body’s fat-burning process, particularly centering on belly fat.  Working best with a regular routine of exercise, the caffeine in green tea helps speed up metabolism, break down fat cells, and assists to regulate blood sugar at higher levels, reducing hunger pangs.

Ideally, the greatest health benefits call for drinking an average of four to five cups a day for effectively burning belly fat or dealing with some of the other, more urgent health issues.  If that amount seems excessive or you just don’t like the taste there are some options. Combining some of the non-caffeinated herbal flavored teas will change the flavor significantly.  Experiment with the many flavors that are available and you are sure to find one that will suite you well.

The other option is to purchase green tea supplements in capsule form and take these on a regular daily basis.  Plenty of water is called for here along with the fore-mentioned exercise routine.  Solid research has shown that it’s possible to burn upwards of 35 to 40% more body fat by drinking green tea and exercising.

Other Health Benefits

Green Tea

Green tea health benefits also include destruction of bacteria that the body can use in several ways.  As the Chinese have known for centuries green tea can help or prevent food poisoning and those same bacteria fighting properties can also aid in preventing dental plaque which leads to tooth decay.

So far the only down side to green tea is that over consumption may lead to a level of insomnia; it does after all contain caffeine.  Even so, the level of caffeine in coffee is almost twice as high as the caffeine level in green tea.  Some folks may think that green tea has less caffeine than coffee therefore it’s OK to drink before bedtime.  It really depends on one’s tolerance for caffeine, how much you drink and when. It’s probably best to leave the caffeine alone before bedtime no matter what the form.  Perhaps some caffeine free chamomile tea instead would be the ticket with a lavender scented candle to aid in the relaxation atmosphere.

Green Tea vs. Other Teas

What makes green tea health benefits more significant than benefits from other teas like black tea or oolong?   There are more health benefits because the leaves are steamed dried and packaged which keeps the EGCG component from becoming oxidized and diminished.  All other teas are processed by fermentation methods which allow for propagation of various flavorings.  The fermentation process destroys the EGCG effectiveness.

Many of us have health issues that would begin to change by taking advantage of the health benefits of green tea.  Whether this is your situation or not, you cannot help but gain health benefits  by drinking this refreshing beverage.

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With the current frenzy to eat and drink in a more healthy manner that has finally struck our culture, there are more and more products that have come out using the best parts.  Another of the benefits of green tea is in topical creams that have shown themselves to be great for skin care.  There are even more great products to eat and drink that will assist in giving us health and long life.   There are also tasty items like flavored green teas are very popular, (though one should be mindful of the sweetening ingredients).  Green tea ice cream is one of my favorites but, hey, it’s ICE CREAM.  I’m saying that you should read labels and pay attention to what else is in the can or bottle.  Inattention to ingredients is part of what has gotten us in the health mess that we find ourselves waddling around in.

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